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By birth we are human being. God has gifted this life with its powers to help ourselves & other. Human being have a sense of humanity embedded in them. We live together in Groups , in Locality, in Area, in Town, in Cities, in District, in State , Nation etc, but we all have a heart which get pain when hurt or when we see other being hurt . But as the century passed we have found ourselves in a world , where every human being is in a race with other. There is competition every where, Resources are limited & user large. Demand for things, services, Employment has increased to such a extent that they are being given to these people who are influential and have extra bucks etc. Demand & lust has led to corruption, the needy are being denied the services and their human rights are being exploited or denied to help others personal gains . A section the of police is hand is gloves and part of this corrupt policy, with corrupt politician adding fuel to the fire, making the situation even more worse . We as a single human being are weak and are like a paper boat in this mass Ocean of Humanities . But when we weakling form ourselves in a chain, where the weaker , the weak, the strong ,are all United to form a human chain and a barrier which all the corrupt practicing human being cannot match & they cannot withstand the strength of our unity . All Police will follow the constitutional norms & a weaker Section’s Human Right will never be exploited or violated . Hence join now and take action in a united way to fulfill our responsibilities as a Human being.

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