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Asthayee Pravaas Ghar(Homage)

This is a temporary Home(Shelter) for old aged people,Women,Distressed Girl,Orphaned Child,Agrieved Family Members of Public.Who are from any Class of Society, disrespect of caste, creed , religion , etc.And for the people who are old, weak , without support and who have no one to took after them, for food ,shelter, medicine etc. IHRPG aims to establish 5-10 Asthayee Pravaas Ghar in all District of Indian states for these people. We will run this Asthayee Pravaas Ghar with the help of member , donor & well-wishers effort to se that these people feel comfortable have , are happy have a decent food diet  ,h ygienic atmosphere , all the needed medicines and under doctors supervision. We will also see that they can enjoy their life like a normal citizen of India, with access to TV, News Paper ,Radio, Mobile,Books, Computer, etc. We will see that they can be taken for outing so that they are not ignorant to the conditions of outside world. They will be educated and also various handicrafts items will be taught to make them active & feel happy. They will be celebrate all the festival of India along with the other patriotic Festivals of India. Capable person will be allowed to take part in indoor & outdoor activities of the society, if they wish for it.We will try our best to make them self employed , especially the young.We request all our member and well wishers to come forward with a kind heart and donate a monthly subscription in cash or kind , so that our Endeavour can be made a success.

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