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On receipt of a written complaint we find the cause of complain . after this the complain is filed as civil complain or criminal nature complain. A investigation of the complain is carried in three process . First a field survey is carried where we try to question the complainant , their neighbors, the accused, etc. Office investigations of paper submitted is held and If a police General Diary was lodged police opinion is also asked by our investigation team.


An investigation Report is made which is put up to our local committee where a detail action plan is adopted by a resolution. We try our level best to find a amicable solution out of court by mutual discussion. If the out come of mutual discussion in positive a written document is framed, signature of both parties registered along wish witness signature and finally a service feedback formed is filled and signed by both parties separately as to find how they view our service where was flaw and suggestions for improvement.


If the mutual discussion is negative we forwarding the matter to our legal cell as to what type of legal action must be taken for the benefit of the complainant. We see what IPC section are viable in the matter in consultation with our organization enlisted lawyer. After this we help the complainant to file a police complain /FIR as the case be . After the police complain we assist the police and the complainant in arresting the accused,we see that the bail hearing is in accordance to law and we take careful note that the chargesheet of the police is perfect.. If the situation demands our investigator and team member become police witness in the above case in court. We help police in seizure of paper , audio, video footage of hearing as evidence, to be produced in court. If the court verdict is favorable a service feedback form is signed by complainant & the mater closed. If decision unfavorable a appeal in higher court is moved till justice is granted to the complainant.


If after filing of police complain , we find no productive response from the Investigating officer, the matter is put up to the Inspector In Charge or officer is change or SHO of that police station for action. If still there no progress we complain to the Superintendent of police or Commissioner of Police. If still we find no positive result , we complain to DIG/ IG the state and further to the law and order Minister of the state . In the mean time a complain to the S tate Human Right Commission , National Human Right Commission and the United Nation can be made if there is no help to the complainant in the case & for upholding Justice.

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