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How To Form A District Committee IHRPG 2012


1. Form a committee of 16 to 21 members. One each from from each District in case of State Committee and one each from Assembly Constituency in case of District committee after filling the application Form of the society with full documentation and photograph.(Initially 5 District for State and 5 Assembly constituency for District can be taken for a Committee , but membership enlarged within 6 months).

2. Every State will comprise of the following Post: a. President b. Vice President (Minimum 1) For every 5 district there should be 1 Vice president
3. ,Secretary General 1 post,General Secretary Minimum 1 for every 5 district,Treasurer,Asst Treasurer,State Observer 1 for every 5 District.
4. Committee will consist of people from all sphere of life.Women, S.C & S.T , OBC ,Minority Community ,Handicapped ,Senior Citizen,Students will represent 2 persons each from their category.Rest General Class.Please try to give preference to qualified persons, having no criminal background, or convicted in any court of law.A insolvent /bankrupt person should be avoided.Qualified People with social service record should be preferred.

5. Committee members will pay the requisite amount at the time of
joining.(25% Discount to Senior Citizen, Women. 50% discount to
Handicapped).Interested members with financial problem can apply in a
plain form supplied by IHRPG, with details and proof.Waiver in membership
fees can be upto 50%.

6. Notification to State /District level for each Council & Active members & Block Council members. The nominated Presidents notification to all District Administration.

7. Training on Human Rights will be given by the Society initially, and then by NHRC ,India.
8. Toll Free BSNL land line facility to start soon along with free postage all over India.

9. Hotline/ Mobile number provided for direct contact with office, or with all State & district heads. Security deposit 1000/-, 150 minutes free call to other mobiles,unlimited free among all members (group). Take list of group members.Min Monthly Charges Rs.150/-, Maximum Rs 500/-.Monthly bill to be paid within 7th of every month.

10. Press Card of “PEN” will be issued to Council Members on request, and verification.All members must report about important news in their locality , to PEN. At least 5 reporting must in a months from all members.Report can be E-mailed to head office, with CC to District office.Issue of Press Card to members at the sole discretion of State office.State Decision will be binding on all members.

11. Guide lines of IHRPG aims & Objective will be provided.

12. Any member can organize program with consultation & notification & consent of District President/State President,etc.

13. Letter head will be provided to President of State ,District & Block President.

14. Can collect Donation/ Subscription/ Membership fees only on valid receipt given to well-wisher, members, etc. All receipts will be provided by the State Office. Districts & other have no rights to print any Collection Receipts or letter head, all will be provided by National Office via State Office, along with visiting card.

15. Every members will have responsibility to enlist 25 members annually. District head must ensure membership of minimum 1000 annually.

16. Members can visit State Office for any clarification.

17. Complaint against any persons violating Human Rights should be written, with address & photo proof of complainant, two witness, and a photograph , Police Complain No/Diary No along with date and details of incident should be provided for verification and help.Photograph of incident if possible should be attatched.Mass petition from public about any social crime effecting huge number of people is must.Mass petition should contain Names of Public, with address ,their Phone number and Signature.

18. Complaint against any IHRPG member or heads should be systematic and with evidence, in written.

19. ID cards will be issued to every members after verification to local P.S.

20. Have to spread the activities of Society & serve the people.Have to take part in organizational activities.3 time absentee will be issued show cause notice , unsatisfactory explanation can lead to suspension or cancellation of membership.

21. Free Accidental Insurance upto Rs.1 Lacs.

22. Annual Renewal fee as per IHRPG decision.

23. IHRPG organizes program with its own members resources , and self earned money ,public are rarely asked for any programme fund.IHRPG strives to make its organization self sufficient, with its various programme.


By Order of The Chairman                                                                                                  Dated : 03/01/2012

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