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If you would like to be part of the noble work, you can contribute in time , kind, resources and cash. All your donation and contributions will have a real and long lasting impact among Rural,Urban & Tribal Communities. We support the victims of human right violation ,the poor, the needy student and the old age person, from rural and urban places and help them in their social, educational, and peaceful abode. We do not support any particular caste, community class, sex etc, All are eligible who are poor, orphan, needy, widowed, destitute, physically challenged etc. We are concerned about their dignity and their identity would be provided in details only to those who are interested and who sponsors a person, child etc. IHRPG society is having profiles of hundred of these people , children,& victims and if you are interested and willing to be part of this scheme please contact us . Support our social Initiatives:- IHRPG is promoting an innovative scheme of adopting an elderly person or a child, widow who has no one to support and are dependent on others. For adopting a senior citizen you have to provide Rs 2500- R 3000/- per month for 24 months . For adopting a child you have provide Rs 2000/-2500- per months for 24 month . For adopting a widow you have to provide Rs 2000/-2500- per months for 24 month . For adopting a handicapped you have to provide Rs 3500- Rs 5000/- per month for month. Sponsor a human Right progress at ward/ pachayat level @ Rs 7500/- Sponsor a Block level program at Rs 15000/- Sponsor A District level program at Rs 40000/- Sponsor state level program at Rs 100000/- Sponsor a National level program at Rs 250000/- Your contribution will be properly utilized and you will be given detailed statement at the end of the year for satisfaction & transparency. Your donation will be exempted under income tax act 1961 u/s 80G. You can also donate by sending 100 Blanket or paying Rs 15000/- You can donate by sponsoring a child education,coaching ,etc for one yearyear by sending Rs. 6000/- You can also sponsor by sending 100 Saris or Rs 15000/- for our elderly women and widows.

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