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Disability / Handicapped

Having a disability is as hard as any other challenge an able bodied or disabled person may face, it is just a challenge that not that many people face. Having a disability does not necessarily make you worse off, it just means you have to do things differently. Lastly, having a disability is part of a social and cultural identity.

  • Here are some tips for what to do if you think a person with a disability wants help :

    1. Treat them like you would anyone else people with disabilities are just people, and do not deserve or need to  be coddled or treated differently. 

    2. Do not treat their disability as something to be ashamed of. This is dehumanizing, and intentional or unintentional, it resembles something called "ableism- discrimination against people with disabilities.

    3. Be there for them like any other friend.

    4. if someone is rude or mean because of the disability, stand up for them like you would anyone else.

    5. Treat them the way you would treat any other human being. Laugh, cry or be friends with them like the way you would any other friend.

    6. Treat them with the respect we all deserve.

    7. Ask if they need help before helping. We all have the right to be independent.

    The majority of disabled people are positive and happy people. The stereotype of people with disabilities being depressed is way over-blown when in reality, a person who is going through intense depression over their disability is usually in a stage of mourning over a recently acquired disability. Give them time, be supportive, but don't encourage the depression, and encourage them to move on at their own pace. People with disabilities are not constantly unhappy.

    Don't have pity on them. Disability has changed over the years, and it is no longer about living worse or having to be brave. ‘IHRPG’ helps peron with disability to obtain “DISABILITY CERTIFICATE” from Govt Department, which provides various facilities for them, from the Government like Job reservation, Concession in Fees of School , Railways , etc.

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