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  • Women in Todays Environment, a Practical Approach. Nov 30th, -0001

    Dear Friends ,


    Now Culture has become interchangeable.Both Exist.Let the youth decide what they want.We know the most modern looking girl has heart full of Indian Culture.She dreams of marriage in Saree, Lahega not jeans and T shirt.She sits on Puja with her Husband in a Saree.Even the Boys have changed.Previously they used to wear Dhotis,Payajama - Kurta , but now they are more comfortable in Jeans & T Shirt. Dress should be decent , which could cover the body and you don't feel embarrassed when standing in front of your parents, teachers , elders etc. We don't agree that dress is the only cause , a girls are being teased , molested , raped. A woman in saree are not spared. A 45-50 years are not spared by rapist. The problem lies elsewhere , which we know but don't want to look after. Govt steps can help minimize these problems, but it should be carefully evaluated and laws has to be changed.


    Shailendra Jaiswal

    National President
    Ihrpg India



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This is an awesome web site

Many many congrat for launching our very own website.It is hard work and dedication of our national president Shri Shalinder Jaiswal that it is possble. Thanks.

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